Bulk SMS Features That Work For You

Powerful Bulk SMS Engine

Bulk SMS is a single SMS sent to many recipients who all receive the same message.
Powerful Bulk SMS Messaging, Send Up To 100,000 SMSes at once, Delivered within 5 minutes.
Bulk SMS Sender ID enables you to brand SMSes going out with your company name.
Global Coverage, Deliver messages to more than 120 countries Get Started Now

SMSLeopard Bulk SMS

Personalized Bulk SMS

A single SMS Template with variable fields is used to generate multiple SMSes.
Variable fields are populated from row values of corresponding column name of an Excel File.
As many unique SMSes as Row Values are Generated and Sent to the corresponding Phone Numbers indicated in the Phone Number column of the Excel file.

SMSLeopard Personalized Bulk SMS

Example of Personalized Bulk SMS

Personalized Bulk SMS creates unique SMSes populated with row values for personalized messaging.

Name Phone Number Account Number Loan Amount Due Date
1 John 722000000 100001 52,000 April 2 2016
... ... ... ... ... ...
50000 Sue 722000004 100003 321,000 April 15 2015

SMS Scheduling

Schedule your messages, so you don't always have to be at your computer to send messages.
Reduce your work, by creating a messaging plan and sending out messages in advance.
Stop Forgetting time sensitive messages e.g. birthdays, policy renewal reminders and meetings by scheduling reminders ahead of time. Get Started Now

SMSLeopard Features

SMS Attachments

Attach Files, such as Images, PDFs, Word Documents, Videos and ZIP Files to your Bulk SMS on SMSLeopard
Share Files such as Account Statements, Product Brochures and the like with your message recipients.
Increase the Impact of your messaging by including images and document that provide more information about your message content. Get Started Now

SMSLeopard Features

SMS Delivery Reports

View & Download the SMS Delivery Report Status of each Recipient in the Outbox.
Auditing & Reporting of Billing and SMS Delivery at the Click of A Button Get Started Now

SMS Delivery Reports

Multi-User Enterprise Account

Enterprise Accounts are multi-user accounts with an administrator account that are built for large enterprises and organizations.
The Administrator of the account can add users, remove users, view sent messages and manage the costs of the account.
Enterprise accounts are also customizable for large enterprises with specialized messaging needs.

SMSLeopard™ Bulk SMS is built from the ground up to meet the exacting demands of enterprises that rely on SMS messaging as a critical part of their business. Get Started Now

SMS Delivery Reports