SMS Keyword

This is a reply service hosted on our shared Shortcode 40309 which allows your recipients to send in their feedback to this shortcode beginning with a keyword of your choice. The messages will then be routed to your SMSLeopard inbox tab.
SMS Keywords Example

Use Cases

SMS Autoresponder

SMS Recipient receiving an Autoresponse

SMS autoresponse allows you to send instant, automated messages to recipients after they have sent the keyword to our shared shortcode. They are ideal for delivering on-demand information to people seeing immediate responses. E.g it can be used to thank recipients for responding, or offer some valuable piece of info or offers.

Loyalty Programs

Keywords providing Loyalty programs

Keywords can be texted to an opt-in to a message campaign upon which customers and prospects can receive an automated text message inviting them to text a keyword and receive offers or discounts for your product or service. This process motivates customers to continue buying from your brand over and over.

SMS Keyword Pricing

Set Up
Ksh 1,160
Annual Maintenance fee
Ksh 3,480
* All Prices are inclusive of VAT