Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS

Send Bulk SMS Globally using SMSLeopard Bulk SMS.

Local Reach, Global Scale. We terminate SMSes to more than 120 countries.
We provide Delivery Reports for most of these destinations so you can be sure that your SMS has been delivered on a timely basis.
We provide either normal bulk SMS or personalized Bulk SMS.

SMSLeopard Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Sender IDs

SMS Sender Ids are 11 character Ids configured by Telcos that enable you to identify the sender of the Bulk SMS e.g. Company Name.
Sender Ids are only available in some countries due to differing regulations.
Establish your brand and build trust with the receivers of the messages as they can be sure that the messages originate from a specific company or organization

SMSLeopard SMS Sender ID

Bulk SMS Short Codes

SMS Short Codes are 4 or 5 digit numeric codes provided by Telcos that can send and receive SMS. They are commonly used for Two Way Communication Purposes and SMS Billing e.g. for selling digital products such as ringtones or lotteries.

Bulk SMS Short Code Keywords

SMS Keywords are typically mapped to SMS Short Codes, enabling an SMS Shortcode to be shared by more than one user. They are particularly useful as a Call to Action on adverts e.g. SMS "Shop" to 22101 to Subscribe to Exclusive Offers and Promos.