Get replies from customers to your SMSLeopard inbox for your bulk SMS.

Shortcodes are five digit code assigned exclusively to you, where users are able to send in their feedback to you once they receive your message. We provide two options for short codes, zero-rated and standard-rated.

Zero rated shortcodes will be free for the user to send or recieve the message from the shortcode but you will pay the cost of the SMS.

Standard rated shortcodes mean that the user is charged the normal SMS rate when they send or recieve the message from the shortcode.

Start getting replies

Shortcode prices


Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom

KES 17,400 per month each


KES 11,600 per month

Set up fee

KES 17,400. One time payment

Send us an email so we can start the process with you.

There are just a few more things we need to set up your shortcode. To start the process please send us an email to set up your shortcode to

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